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We are Hans Haveman and Heidi Rhodes. We work as a team to provide our customers with the freshness and quality assurance they have come to trust of our seafood. What we do not catch ourselves, we supplement from other local Santa Cruz fishermen after hand selecting, approving, and processing all fish that we present for sale at our markets. We offer a worry-free guarantee with all of our purchases...we want you to be extremely happy with your fish and rely on us weekly as your own personal fisherpeople! We also want you to feel good knowing that your purchase supports the LOCAL fishing community. We are proud PCFFA members, adhering to sustainably harvested fishing methods and taking good care of our beloved ocean.

We love getting to know our customers and being a part of the community action at the farmer's markets. We feel blessed to be trusted by so many wonderful customers and take our commitment to freshness and H&H quality very seriously. Please feel welcome to introduce yourself to us and share your own fish ideas, tips, likes, dislikes, and even any requests you may have.

Hans has been involved in the fishing industry nearly his entire life. His work experience has been centered on commercial fishing; however through his love for our ocean and lifelong passion for diving, spear fishing, and sport fishing, he has attained a vast knowledge of the ocean and its inhabitants.

He has worked on commercial fishing boats in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and throughout the California coast. Additionally, he's been blessed with the opportunity to learn indigenous forms of fishing by working on fishing boats in Australia, New Guinea, and New Zealand.

Hans's fishing experience naturally led him to progress into the cooking industry where he was given the opportunity to work in five star restaurants, including alongside executive chef Wolfgang Puck. He has attained a vast knowledge of not only how to catch, but also cook fish and is happy to share his tips and suggestions.

Hans hoped to focus his thorough knowledge into a service that he could provide to his community in order to share in and spread seafood appreciation for all of it's many health benefits and limitless culinary adventures. He also hopes to teach consumers about sustainably harvested fishing practices as well as making ecologically sound choices when it comes to selecting their seafood. Thanks to his longtime friends Don & Bernadine Dodson, he found his niche at the local farmers markets, which he & his lovely partner, Heidi, have developed into a rewarding business.

PCFFA Logo We are proud members of PCFFA, the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations. PCFFA is an active trade association of commercial fishermen on the West Coast. H & H Fresh Fish has been a member of this group since 2005.

Email us at info@hhfreshfish.com or call us at 831-461-1576.
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